History and benefits of Yoga

Some people consider that the origin of yoga seems to have more than 5,000 years old. The first references come from archaeological discoveries excavated in the Indus valley (present-day Pakistan) where stone seals and figures of people were found performing yoga and meditation poses, related to the Indus-Sarasvati civilization.


The ancient culture of Yoga owes its evolution to the sages of antiquity, who over time developed and applied their teachings according to the characteristics of their time. Centuries ago, the teachings were secretly revealed from master to disciple, which has been extended to the present day.


Its practice guarantees a series of both physical and mental benefits for those who practice it constantly. Some examples are:


• Physical benefits: Increases body awareness, agility, flexibility, improves balance and breathing, providing general well-being. Provides vitality.


• Psychological benefits: Improves memory, attention span, concentration and relaxation. Reduces stress, improves mood by providing self-confidence.


• Social benefits: Strengthens sociability and communication, acquiring security. Reduces the feeling of depression and loneliness.



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