News · 23/10/2020
On September 30, we started the course with a presentation made in our great Theater. All Residents were invited to this event to present the course, the animation team and with the company of the Director of La Salle Bonanova, Jordi Gisbert.

News · 19/05/2020
Con la intención de aportar un pequeño grano de arena para la recuperación de la economía turística, la Residencia ha lanzado su video #NOSVEMOSPRONTO, en el que, con la aportación fotográfica de residentes y exresidentes, pretende ser una oferta de posibles destinos para cuando concluya el confinamiento.

News · 08/05/2020
Del 4 al 15 de mayo, periodo de renovaciones para el próximo curso. Porque queremos recuperar las sonrisas de nuestros jóvenes.

News · 08/05/2020
El 25 de marzo se marchaba el último residente, por el estado de alarma a raíz del Covid-19. De forma excepcional, durante unas semanas se ha alojado un médico desplazado que formaba parte de un Equipo de Refuerzo de personal sanitario. Antes de su marcha, nos ha dejado su relato.

News · 09/03/2020
On March 9, residents had the opportunity to participate in a sushi workshop. This dish is one of the most recognized of Japanese cuisine and one of the most popular internationally. Although it seems easy to prepare this dish, you need a very refined technique, since it hides a great variety of very different preparations, almost as many as the imagination of Japanese chefs

News · 08/03/2020
From La Salle Residence we have wanted to add a grain of sand and join these initiatives where, apart from commemorating the Woman's Day, on March 8, we make visible some important historical contributions from the hand of women who faced society centuries ago established fighting to contribute to scientific, artistic, technological and sports development among others, in times where power was supported by male figures in most areas.

News · 08/03/2020
A student's life requires rest and a balanced diet. We believe in the importance of starting the day with a good breakfast, so we have in our hands a new proposal for this further months. A balanced breakfast provides glucose, the nourishment of the brain, so it improves memory, concentration and creativity. It gives joy and good humor.

News · 01/03/2020
The lovely space that we disposal as the library of the school La Salle Bonanova, that has been recently renovated, and offers the residents the possibility to leave there room, and change the environment, to find a ideal place to improve in the personal study.

News · 07/02/2020
El passat 24 de gener la Residència La Salle va participar en l'esdeveniment UNITOUR ciutat de Palma. Als estudiants assistents a la fira, se'ls va oferir la possibilitat de guanyar un cap de setmana a Barcelona. Aquests són els afortunats: Febrer: Marta T. Abril: Ariadna Maig: Joan Josep S. Enhorabona!

News · 15/01/2020
The activity program for the weekend group, was started last October, with a dynamic activity, where the purpose was to generate a formal presentation among residents who live on the weekends at the residence and including the entertainment team, where after making ourselves known through fun connections from a flying ball, a brainstorm was held among all with various activity proposals.

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