News · 15/07/2022
Social Volunteer: The young people are committed, and in the Residence we have a group of volunteers, who together with the association Sense Sostre de Barcelona distribute the leftover food to people who live on the streets of the city of Barcelona

RLSB hosts future sports stars
News · 06/07/2022
On June 1 we opened a new floor in the Residence to welcome the Spanish U-17 women's basketball team. In mid-June we hosted the children of CH Sant Andreu , in their brilliant participation in the final phase of the Spanish Championship. And during the long weekend of San Juan, we inadvertently became accommodation for the Spanish Junior Hockey Championship, and we hosted the teams , from Santander, to...

OPENS DAYS 2022-2023
News · 28/05/2022
No ho dubtis més! Reserva i veuen a viure l'inici d'una experiència única com a universitari/a en la Residència La Salle Bonanova.

News · 19/05/2022
We are pleased to present with these photographs, how the study room has been after its renovation of both lighting and furniture. With this change we seek that residents enjoy a more comfortable and efficient space to be able to focus on their university tasks.

BIG MATCH: Amateur La Salle-RLSB
News · 13/05/2022
Yesterday we started the La Salle Convivencias with the friendly match between the amateur La Salle against the residents. We couldn't be happier with the good atmosphere and the great game that was played. The players received a surprise visit from Gerard Piqué, a Football Club Barcelona player and an ex-student of La Salle Bonanova.

News · 28/04/2022
On April 26, our residents had the opportunity to prepare some succulent Mexican burritos with their traditional way of preparation. They are artists, how good it looks!

News · 30/03/2022
On March 30, the residents were able to enjoy an improvisational monologue at the Neu Theater in Barcelona. The participants were the winners of the carnival contest. !! Congratulations!!

News · 25/03/2022
Next week the Expo Jove 2022 is held in Girona. Come visit the La Salle Bonanova Residence, the best option for those who are starting their studies in Barcelona. Feel at home Hope to see you all!

News · 17/03/2022
ReZiland That night was gloomy and cold. The silence was deep, solemn. Nothing was heard in the Residence of La Salle Bonanova, except the singing of the owls. Until the noise of dark music broke the stillness... The zombie came out of the grave. His whole body ached! He stretched… And he started hunting! The residents had to hide from the Zombie throughout the facilities so that it would not transform them, although without much success…. Despite these 7 brave survivors, congratulations!

News · 02/03/2022
On March 2, we were able to celebrate the 2022 Carnival dinner and contest, where there was a lot of competition among all the participating groups due to the high level of their costumes. The winning group for the best carnival costume 2022 is: "San Fermines". The shepherds refer to the bullfight's confinement guardians, the group also has: runners, bulls and bullfighters. !! Congratulations!!

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