RLSB Olympic Games
News · 12/04/2021
Last March, the RLSB Olympic Games were held at the Residence. The 28 tests were carefully chosen, so that the residents could perform sports, teamwork and collaborative groups, as well as being able to show their greatest strategy skills in board games.

News · 24/03/2021
The winners of Carnival 2021 received their award yesterday. After a series of clues and tests, they reached a room where escaping would become their worst nightmare ... Even so, our winners left the Escape Room on time, winning the game!

News · 06/03/2021
Last Saturday, March 6, our residents participated in the Tapas Workshop Organized by our super Chef! How good looks everthing!

Carnivel prizes 2021
News · 22/02/2021
We already have the Carnival 2021 prizes!!! Do you want to see who the winners are?

We want to share the TOP videos of our Residence and its stars, will you join us?
News · 16/02/2021
Enjoy the most special videos starring our residents.

News · 16/02/2021
Last Monday, February 15, we celebrated Carnival with our Residents. We want to share some costumes that were seen around our main dining room. Thank you all for giving color and joy to this dinner!!

Our measures against COVID-19
News · 11/02/2021
Learn about our 5 great security measures against COVID-19. The safety of our residents is the most important thing to us and we will do all possible to keep it that way.

News · 03/12/2020
No ho dubtis més! Reserva i veuen a viure l'inici d'una experiència única com a universitari/a en la Residència La Salle Bonanova.

News · 31/10/2020
Some people consider that the origin of yoga seems to have more than 5,000 years old. The first references come from archaeological discoveries excavated in the Indus valley (present-day Pakistan) where stone seals and figures of people were found performing yoga and meditation poses, related to the Indus-Sarasvati civilization.

News · 23/10/2020
On September 30, we started the course with a presentation made in our great Theater. All Residents were invited to this event to present the course, the animation team and with the company of the Director of La Salle Bonanova, Jordi Gisbert.

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