Why do parents positively value the La Salle Residence option?

  1. Its location is in a part of the city that is close to several university campuses. It is also well communicated with the bus, metro and railway lines.
  2. The meals we offer are varied, nutritious and tasty. Food assured, long time released.
  3. We have an animation team to support any inconvenience that may arise, either to solve a logistical issue or to also have them as emotional/social support.
  4. A unique energy is experienced within the residence that is generated by all those who work there: reception staff, maintenance, cleaning team, kitchen service, computer technicians. A human team that works for the resident welfare.
  5. Creativity is facilitated, proposals and initiatives are channeled. While it is true that there are rules to be followed by coexistence, the environment is one of freedom and respect for privacy.
  6. Weekly recreational and cultural activities are offered to complete the free time.
  7. Space to develop interpersonal skills, meeting many new people and making new friends. And we offer help and guidelines to organize the daily life, the times and the achievement of objectives.
  8. We promote the service of belonging to the residence, to feel it as a second home, the house in Barcelona.
  9. The resident finds human quality, understanding, support, empathy and limits with love within this great family that we are 24 hours a day since the animation team is available all the time.
  10. The residence's animation team guarantees personalized attention and prioritizes any particular need you may have. Open to dialogue and to maintain fluid communication.

Residència La Salle Bonanova - Passeig Bonanova, 8 - 08022 - Barcelona

M. 607 085 459 (24 h) - T. 93 254 09 65 - www.residencialasalle.com - info@residencialasalle.com

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