Preregistration new residents

Have you already got a place at your desired University? Is your future University outside of your city? Now is time to choose where you will live!


Living with us has plenty of advantages: we offer freedom, privacy, indoor and outdoor spaces, activities and a team who will take care of you. Our goal is offer the best accomodation during your career

Admission Process

1. Please fill out the preregistration form.

2. Documentation, which must be attached by email at

  • 1 color ID size photography.
  • It is compulsory to add a copy of the latest academic results you have (They don´t need to be the final results of the year.)

3. The Residence will respond by email to all requests. Until you receive our response, no other step is required.
4. Please note that applications from students born in 2007 or later will not be considered.

Office hours for families or applicants

From Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 12.30 and from 15.30 to 20 h. Phone number: 607 08 54 59 / 93 254 09 65. Attending the pandemic situation, it is necessary to consult the possibility of attending in person. 

Open Days

Saturday April 6th and May 18th 2024. It is necessary to sign up.

Registration information

  • Registrations should be made in person during July. From May 25th, families will receive the necessary documentation by postal service.
  • Families attending the Open Doors Day, will be able to register by mail.
  • Room assigment: the rooms are assigned as the registrations are being completed.
  • New Residents, at the time of registration, will have to pay a deposit of 650 euros. From this deposit, 50 euros will be returned when the keys are returned. The rest will be lost entirely if you withdraw from residence during the academic year (from July 20, 2024 to May 1, 2025) or if you have pending payments.
  • Fees will be charged by direct debit. The expenses caused by returned bank receipts will be charged to the resident.
  • Taxes are included in the price.
  • If a Resident withdraws from residence once a quarter has begun must pay the entire quarter. The quarters start once the resident has been installed

Accommodation from Monday to Friday

Annual payment 7.675,20 € 8.330,40 €
Quarterly payment 2.627,04 € 2.848,56 €
Monthly payment 897,52 € 973,44 €
Extra-weekend - 85,80 €
Sunday meals - 9,10 €

*  Includes breakfast from Monday to Friday and dinner from Monday to Thursday.

** Includes from Monday’s breakfast to Friday’s lunch. You can sleep Sunday night.

Accommodation from Monday to Sunday

Annual payment 9.743,76 € 10.305,36 €
Quarterly payment 3.335,28 € 3.525,60 €
Monthly payment 1.139,84 € 1.205,36 €

* Stays of 9 months, counting from the incorporation day.

Stays since the date of occupation*

Extra-days, apart form the 9 months stay 37,44 € 40,04 €

* Includes Christmas holidays (December 21st to January 6th) and Easter holidays (April 12th to 21st), periods in which the residence will be closed.

Services and amenities included in the price

  • Internet Access and Wi-Fi
  • Weekly housekeeping
  • Indoor pool
  • Soccer field
  • Auditorium
  • Air conditioning and central heating
  • Maintenance service
  • Sport courts
  • Study room and library
  • Recreation rooms
  • Nursing
  • Activities

Discounts on the accommodation price

Double room 10% of the price (double occupancy room is required)
Large family 2,50%
Brothers in residence 2,5% each brother
Antiquity 2,5% seniority greater than one year
La Salle scholl (2022, 2023, 2024) Ex-Students or La Salle University (2024-2025) Students ** 2,5% (new residents only)

* Maximum discount 5% (double room: 12,5%).

** Stays of 9 months only .

Additional and optional services

Flat screen TV 29,12 €/month
Bed and bathroom linen weekly changed 41,08 €/month
Own fridge 17,58 €/month
Residence fridge 35,21 €/month
Self-service laundry and dryer 4 € both machines

Residència La Salle Bonanova - Passeig Bonanova, 8 - 08022 - Barcelona

M. 607 085 459 (24 h) - T. 93 254 09 65 - -

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