Languaje school


La Salle Bonanova School of English, is more than 40 years of experience. Residents can improve their level, to prepare for different certificates or maintain conversation sessions.

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If English is already dominated, you can start or expand the knowledge of French, German or Chinese with our language classes.

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Music school


If someone wants to learn, the music school is a centre recognised by the generalitat de catalunya, offers studies of piano, guitar, saxophone, flute and singing.


Social awareness


Residents can give a meaning to your leisure, with the solidarity proposals offered by Finestra Oberta, a group of social voluntary service of La Salle Bonanova with over 30 years of experience. Also it is possible to participate in the Fundació Comtal and Proide, La Salle NGO projects.

These academic course residents have given support to a participating team in the Intermon Oxfam Trailwalker, which is a sportive competition that aims to fight hunger and injustice in the world.

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Employment bureau

Employment bureau


The wide educational community of La Salle Bonanova makes residents eligible for different activities or work. If you are interested in that we have you in mind, fill the document and let us know.


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