Italian and French: Fruits

Fruits are, perhaps, the most striking foods for their diversity of colors and shapes. But in addition to what they show at simple view, they are part of the foods with the greatest amount of nutrients and natural substances highly beneficial for health. 


What benefits does consume fruits bring us?  


-They provide a variety and quantity of vitamins and minerals, mainly vitamin C.

-They hydrate quickly are body.

-They help the proper functioning of the digestive system.

-It facilitates the drainage of liquids, being diuretics and purifying the body.

-They provide soluble vegetable fibers.

-They do not provide fats (except nuts, olives, avocados and coconuts that provide beneficial oils for the body).

-They provide natural antioxidant vitamins.  


We have prepared a selection of fruits for you in Italian and French so that you can order fruits on your next trips.



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