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News · 28/03/2020
Fruits are, perhaps, the most striking foods for their diversity of colors and shapes. But in addition to what they show at simple view, they are part of the foods with the greatest amount of nutrients and natural substances highly beneficial for health.

News · 27/03/2020
Color produces sensations, feelings and emotions. It induces different states of mind, transmits messages, expresses values, situations ... and, nevertheless, it does not exist beyond our visual perception. How about learning the basic colors in these two beautiful languages? Let's go there!!! #Istayathomelearning

News · 26/03/2020
We continue with the basic training in from Spanish to Italian and French! Today we propose to learn the months of the year! Let’s goooo!! #Istayathomelearning

News · 26/03/2020
From the Residence, we think that these days can be more than staying at home without being boring, so, we propose to learn the basics from Spanish to Italian and French, which seems to start with the numbers! #Istayathomelearning

News · 26/03/2020
What do you think for today, learning the days of the week? Sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, put it into practice! #Istayathomelearning

News · 26/03/2020
Although stretching is very important for those who have active lives, it also has excellent benefits for those who are not as active. Stretching has been shown to decrease muscle stiffness, improve muscle tone, improve circulation, reduce the risk of injury, decrease back pain, improve posture, aid in stress management, improve muscle efficiency and overall, improve overall body performance; since by stretching we also improve our flexibility. Flexibility is very important to preserve because:

News · 23/03/2020
We keep getting in shape! What do you think of this exercise circuit that we have been advised by the Bonanova Sports Club? We hope you like it and put it into practice. Let's go there! #Istayathomegettinginshape

News · 20/03/2020
Why are Abs important for our body? These muscles are a very important component in any sports training program, with other muscle groups they give the body the possibility of performing a wide range of movements. However, among all the functions they perform, the one that is most strictly related to health is that of protecting the internal organs

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